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  • 17.03.2018
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Yogal | 28.03.2018
Yes if he would stay I would be here forever! That's the way
Vokasa | 03.04.2018
But I ain't sittin in the back seat...the view is so much better up front...stay on the road while I'm...ummm...using my teeth! ;)
Yozshukree | 06.04.2018
My little brother is a foam baby. Glad he made it through though. O
Voshakar | 13.04.2018
KJV text is more close to the original. In the modern version there is "gentile" which is wrong. He was talking about Greek-speaking Jews of diaspora.
Vigami | 15.04.2018
He's not gonna be happy that's for sure!
Daramar | 17.04.2018
Huhhhh? And your response is moronic. Tax cuts are given away all of the time -- taxes pay for services. People use services. Running budget deficits means you didn't pay for what you used. That includes the military, Einstein. If you want the world's most powerful and most expensive military, you don't get that by giving everyone tax cuts like you're friggin' Oprah Winfrey giving away new Pontiacs...
Vut | 21.04.2018
Okay... but if the transition from non-human to human was indistinct, and knowledge of death already existed... then Adam wasn't a human?
Akinom | 22.04.2018
Actually the OT was rules, but it was also orders to do horrid things,
JoJogar | 29.04.2018
It was a poor joke. I don?t think anyone man crushes me.
Sweet young ass fucked on a limb and kicks

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