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Rawn M. Wilson

I bought my 2000 Solara SE V-6 knowing a supercharger was on its way.  The
people at Toyotaparts4u.com kept me up to date on the release, and I had one
in the mail almost as soon as it was in their hands.  Best prices, best
service....what else could I ask for? I look forward to purchasing more
Toyota parts from them in the future.

Chuck Hall
Before I knew about toyotaparts4u.com, I bought the Solara quick shifter
from the local dealer. I later saw the same part at toyotaparts4u.com
for $50 less.  The savings and service here are great, so I bought my
supercharger here, too.

Eric B
I would like to thank you guys for ALWAYS responding to my inquiries about 
parts and prices.  You guys always get back to me in less than 24 hours and 
with plenty of information.  I recommend everyone I know to your site.
Also its nice that you guys respond to every single email.
Most companies these days take around 5 or so emails before I can even get a reply.
Thanks for the great service.

John Yang
Just wanted to say, Toyotaparts4U is phenomenal!  Parts inquiries are
always answered promptly and courteously, and their prices were the best
of the online dealerships from which I sought quotes.  Shipping is
super-fast, and packaging is incredibly well-done too.  Doing business
with Toyotaparts4U makes taking care of my '89 Corolla and '90 Camry
infinitely easier!
John Yang

This is the only place I buy my parts.  I have ordered parts from them
since November.  They always return my emails and answer all of my
questions.  They know how to run a business.  A special thanks to Jeff
who I have done business with since the beginning.  Keep up the great
work everyone!

2001 Toyota Tacoma 4X4

Ruben C
ToyotaParts4U is the best place on the net to shop for parts!!!  Excellent
customer service and attention to detail.  Great discounts and quick delivery!!
I look forward to shopping with them again !!!
Ruben C

Brent Bontuyan
You guys are the BOMB! 
I had my TRD struts I ordered from you guys installed in my 2000 Camry and what a difference! 
Keep up the good work and thanks for having the patience to answer my constant emails :) 
Hopefully I can get my car looking nice so I can email you guys the pics to post on your album.

Aaron Kathman
Thank you very, very much for your understanding.  My mouth about dropped
when I saw your email.  I was afraid the damaged rear trim piece would have
to be repackaged, sent back and analyzed before a new one would be resent. 
This makes it a lot easier on me. I have to say a big thanks to
Toyotaparts4u.com for providing me a place to FINALLY buy my trim at a price
I could live with, as well as providing excellent customer service.  You
guys (and gals) are tops in my book.
BTW - The local dealership was going to charge me $400 for the same trim,
which I thought was ludicrous.

Rod Aquino

I bought my TRD SUPERCHARGER 2nd generation, TRD Boost gauge, and on the way
TRD belt tensioner.  Check out my site at
http://dok-4runner.freeservers.com.  You will see the TRD parts I bought
from these guys.  If I need any TRD parts or discounted Toyota parts, they
are the first one I visit on-line.

Takeo Kahagura
You guys are great, especially Tim.  Ordered the TRD body kit for 97-99 Camry
Tim and the rest of the toyotaparts4u.com responded to all my
questions before I bought my kit.  I highly recommend  toyotaparts4u.com to
all the Toyota owners.

Gabe Potter
TP4U is the most honest, respectable group of people that i have ever done
business with. With the help of them, i turned a stock 2000 Camry le v6
speed into the ultimate sports sedan!! Special thanks to Tim and the rest of
the staff for all you have done for me. You have answered all the questions
I have ever asked and helped me to learn more about Toyotas. 
Gabe Potter (trd4life)

Steven R. Mccoy
Greens Fork, Indiana
I received my T-100 floor mats today! I am very pleased that they are genuine
Toyota Mats just like described. I checked with several of my local dealers
and I was told that they have been discontinued. I am  100% satisfied with
your service and price!
Thanks again

Ian Livingston
Mr. Goforth,
I'd like to thank you one more time for the individual attention and quick
responses you provided regarding the TRD supercharger I ordered from your
company.  If only all companies provided such great customer service.  You
have won yourself a loyal customer, and I'll be recommending you to my
Toyota-owning friends.  Thank you so much.
Ian Livingston

David Bird
I was blown away by the speed of my order. I order my part Tuesday morning and it was on my doorstep Thursday.  I was shocked when my wife said that there's a package on the porch.
David Bird

Brinder Gill
I got a TRD exhaust for a 2000 Corolla from you guys I love it... it came with EVERYTHING I needed to install it... it came sooo fast I received e-mails to help me track the shipment.. and e-mails letting me know it was sent out. from now on any parts that I want that www.toyotaparts4u.com have that I want I will not even think twice about ordering it from you guys...

Thanks again.
Brinder Gill

Jason Towry
I wanted to thank ToyotaParts4U.com for the excellent service they have given, and the care of the customer is A+. I have used ToyotaParts4U.com through my local Toyota dealership and they've also been surprised by the excellent products you have to choose from. And the best thing overall is the pricing is great!

Scott McCullough
Just wanted to let you know that my order for my supercharger for my Tacoma was processed very quickly and was shipped even faster.  My blower was installed today and it's a blast.  Thanks for the great service.  I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

Wallace Cline
I recently ordered a cargo net for our car, it was delivered quickly, the installation was well explained, and it was almost
half the price that our local dealer would have charged. I'll be back.


I'd like to compliment toyotaparts4u.com.  My transaction went very
smooth, my order was shipped quickly, and it arrived in fine condition,
(even though the packing job was scare).  Your prices are great, your
service is quick and responsive, and I look forward to doing business
with you in the future.

John Bell
I want to thank you for your customer service through out this 9
month process.  You offered me information when I needed it, you
offered options when the process seemed to hit a wall.  Even when the
delivery was made and I needed an additional gasket that was mixed up in my
hardware pack you sent me the correct one.  As a Toyota customer
since 1978, I have always been impressed with Toyota's products and am a very
pleased with the service you provided.  Their have been many a company that
offered a superior product only to suffer because of less that adequate customer
relations, not the case here.  You offer both product and service
excellence.  Also appreciate the fuel filters!!!!!

--- John Bell

Mike Kulina
Can't believe how quickly & economically you got me my parts.  Sure helps to meet you after purchasing our third Camry yesterday.  Keep up the good work, we need people like you!

Jay Valdes
When I purchased my 4Runner I asked about accessories; the prices that I was quoted were phenomenal! I was also told that certain accessories had not been made in 2004 for the 4Runner. Then I logged on to "Toyotaparts4U" and my prayers were answered! These guys are awesome! Friendly and professional service, genuine Toyota parts and GREAT Prices! What more could anyone possibly want? I had to contact them by phone and I was treated great. If you're thinking of buying parts on this website, do it because no one else is going to take care of you like these guys do. Thank you so much guys, my 4Runner looks great!
Jay in Nassau County, NY

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