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  • 16.03.2018
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Vudonris | 17.03.2018
I don't know who or what the "RCC" is nor what your point is. I AM an expert on Scientology, having been a former brainwashed member. And I am qualified to teach the most esoteric aspects of the vedic scriptures in which yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism (to a large degree) are sourced. But that's just me boasting as I don't know what your point is.
Moogunris | 23.03.2018
Is it also considered "okay" to limit the influence of Republicans? What about Democrats? Asking a fair question here.
Tygodal | 03.04.2018
that's an absurd statement. if our borders were secure, we wouldn't have any illegal border crossings, now would we?
Tojajind | 10.04.2018
See my reply above.
Jum | 12.04.2018
Hey you guys make a great couple!
Mauk | 22.04.2018
The dossier was only one part of what started this.
She issued a home striptease and showed charms

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