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  • 12.03.2018
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Bralrajas | 14.03.2018
I?m just funninrg w you
Akinor | 19.03.2018
That picture would be more believable if Trump was holding the Russian Flag.
Mezitilar | 29.03.2018
They all blur in my head...
Muzuru | 08.04.2018
Ah, and we already begin to turn this into a liberal/conservative thing.
Tajin | 14.04.2018
He has a RIGHT to do that and lets face it , Sessions should NOT have recused...he was NOT mandated to do so
Tygobar | 19.04.2018
An accusation of guilt by association with people who have plead guilty to process crimes and 2 bucks will get you a cop of coffee.
JoJora | 23.04.2018
What you don't understand is that John has had the tumor for close to 16 years. He hasn't been himself for that long.
Branris | 30.04.2018
That's a dodge.
Mozahn | 05.05.2018
My brothers have tattoos
Arataxe | 11.05.2018
oh me too.. I have to work in the afternoon ..lol. no rest for the wicked .
Depraved girl on guy
Depraved girl on guy
Depraved girl on guy

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