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Nezil | 17.03.2018
Physical and metaphorical group hugs? Friendship, meeting chicks and getting laid. All the things that you can get out of any group I suppose. Comocon for unbelievers?
Galkree | 26.03.2018
Sorry PHX that?s as far as I go. I don?t do the real on chit chat. I don?t want to step over the lines here.
Faekinos | 05.04.2018
I see you like to take selfies too. I have another friend who shares her selfies with us. I really like them. It's cool to see another lady who shares selfies too.
Malale | 11.04.2018
" And species also get fuzzy at the edges."
Akinogis | 15.04.2018
The elements alone are not alive. The whole being is, but it's not the whole being that has consciousness as a trait. It's the brain, which requires the rest of the living being as a life support system. It could in theory have a different sort of living body supporting it. It could be a different substance itself. What is important is the emergent property of consciousness, formed by the immensely complex interactions that we still don't fully understand, which, in humans and all other known current cases, is emergent from the brain. Not that it necessarily has to be. Were we to make a complex enough computer program that the computer became self-aware, it wuld be conscious, and I would call that a living thing, a being or entity entitled to rights. However, again, to reiterate one final time, in humans and in everything we have observed up to this point, the property has only been seen to emerge from brains, hence the statement. It is the current reality, but that's all it is.
Brabei | 22.04.2018
No indication that Jews had anything other than slavery and chattelhood in mind when they wrote Exodus.
Anal in the bathroom

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