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Gukasa | 25.03.2018
We observe novelty in the billions of creatures that have existed. We would have to live for millions of years to "see" it.
Faurn | 29.03.2018
Not arrogant at all & your right I have no reason to be.
Grobar | 01.04.2018
To the end first: I disagree with the commonly held views on omnipotent and omniscient. I think many make "all" a crazy word. For instance, "God knows all things" somehow means past, present and future to the Nth degree - including this post of mine, known 16 billion years ago, as some would have it. Which, while I believe is
Kazrajin | 04.04.2018
I don't know why I even bother replying to you since you never read what I've written. If you know a kid hasn't been vaccinated, then it isn't a blind study. Kids who cannot be vaccinated have compromised immune systems and would be inappropriate for such a study.
Femuro | 08.04.2018
*hold on just a minute, I'll be back to reply once I finish screaming my head off in mortal fear*????????????????????
Nikonris | 10.04.2018
And as usual, another conservative misses the point. You actually use the right words in your comment here, but that is NOT what was said above. Trump won STATES... He did NOT win PEOPLE. There is a big difference when someone begins shouting once again - as happened above - about how "the PEOPLE have spoken."
Talmaran | 11.04.2018
I regret not having gone to culinary school
Tojagrel | 20.04.2018
Why would you believe that?
Russian mature teacher having sex with her student
Russian mature teacher having sex with her student

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