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  • 18.03.2018
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Jugis | 28.03.2018
If McCain was not a nemesis of Trump, you leftys would hate him and diss him for being a Republican.
Nagami | 05.04.2018
No - it just means you haven't a clue about the definitions of those words.
Yomuro | 15.04.2018
That's exactly what I talk about: western politicians are ignorant of Islam, and that's why they make stupid decisions and support the wrong side.
Kikinos | 22.04.2018
Greenlantern! I need to go to bed now... Sweet dreams James
Dogis | 23.04.2018
The hell it isn't. As Neo-Nazis are not a protected class, they have no recourse to a discrimination suit against a baker who refuses to bake them a cake on the grounds of their being Neo-Nazis.
Meztikasa | 28.04.2018
Well, it's a lot worse than that, since the scientific method has largely been discarded by the graduates of our politicized schools. Even where the science isn't controversial you see a vastly increased reliance on statistical methods, for instance, rather than doing the hard word of finding (and demonstrating!) direct cause and effect.
Vira | 06.05.2018
Give the family a reason to get together around a new baby.
Nik | 14.05.2018
They are kinda cute though hahaha :)
Kigat | 23.05.2018
It's a crazy world we live in
Mikagrel | 25.05.2018
Please point out the "phobia" within the comment you object to.
Dizzy member masturbation hands turned Madame
Dizzy member masturbation hands turned Madame
Dizzy member masturbation hands turned Madame

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