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Kazizilkree | 27.03.2018
Hey too. What's up here?
Shakalkis | 29.03.2018
Lots of rape and haughtiness.
Gardami | 05.04.2018
As an adjective for behavior, yes. As for describing the orientation of a person, no. You are the one inventing straw men, misunderstanding definitions.
Vilar | 14.04.2018
Please demonstrate that the laws of physics are anything other than what they are known to be!
Tojagar | 21.04.2018
I don't believe the universe, the earth or life on earth is only 6000 years old. But I do believe God created Adam and Eve 6000 years ago. And there is scientific evidence for this. Christians and Jews historically (and understandably) calculated the age of the world at 6000 years based on Adams time of creation. But Adam was not the first "human" God created.
Vim | 29.04.2018
" Please respond on topic. That is: speak to the evidence itself,"
Mazuzshura | 30.04.2018
What about Hillary?
Samusho | 02.05.2018
well "crime" is illegal and Conservatism calls for LEGAL Immigration, so what is your point but left wing targeted outrage hate of the week?
Akir | 08.05.2018
Hey there Benny come on over and help ToRcHy's guys work out how to get the best out of a jandel'''
Akinozshura | 12.05.2018
You will never learn a lesson will you?
Wild fuck brunette
Wild fuck brunette
Wild fuck brunette
Wild fuck brunette

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