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  • 12.03.2018
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Nashura | 17.03.2018
Exactly, if God didn't want slavery he would've ordered the cities of slaveholders to be destroyed and the infants skulls to be dashed upon the ground, such was his custom.
Akinotilar | 22.03.2018
I know you are closed minded toward there actually being a Creator greater than man, but as I said you are misinterpreting scripture because of your dis belief. You cannot discern scripture as a natural man, not being born again. Anyway I will answer this one so called "contradiction".
Mezinris | 26.03.2018
I thought "hate speech" was too nebulous a term for this forum?
Goltibei | 26.03.2018
You're a sweetheart James :)
Memuro | 01.04.2018
Ha, not quite..Older film from the 70's.
Mekasa | 09.04.2018
No need to scream FAKE NEWS. The media exposes themselves.
It gives a beautiful ass
It gives a beautiful ass

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