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Last updated 10-31-03


  1. I live in the area. Is it possible to pick up my merchandise without having it shipped?
    Orders are not available for will call or pickup. All orders must be shipped.

  2. What is your return policy?
    Please see our return policy page.

  3. Why are some of the accessories you offer are not available through my local Toyota Dealership?
    There are some accessories distributed by Southeast Toyota. Southeast Toyota is the regional franchise (or division) of Toyota in the southeast region of the United States (Consisting of the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida). At times Southeast Toyota offers accessories that may not be available in other regions of the United States. The accessories distributed by Southeast Toyota are commonly and predominately installed on many of New Toyota vehicles sold in the southeast region.

  4. When do you charge my credit card?
    You will be charged when your order is placed. If we do not have the item currently in stock it will usually arrive from our warehouse within 36 hours and then be shipped to you. TRD parts can possibly backorder from TRD and can take 4-6 weeks to arrive if they do not have them in stock at their California warehouse. If you have not received an email from UPS notifying you that your order has shipped within 72 business hours of your order being placed email us and ask for a status on your order. We will be more than happy to update you on the status of your order. Please be sure and include your order # that was sent to you with your order confirmation.

  5. There was a problem with my order, how do I contact you?
    The easiest and fastest is through email. You may contact us at 877-56TRD4U. 

  6. What if I buy a part from you and in 6 months something is wrong with it?
    Keep your receipt. Your warranty is honorable at any Toyota Dealer in the United States as long as you have your receipt and are in the warranty coverage period. The warranty will vary depending on what it is that you purchased. The general warranty on Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories is 12 months-unlimited mileage. TRD parts will vary depending on part number. If you have a question regarding your warranty please e-mail us from the bottom of the page.

  7. Can the 3.4 Supercharger fit on my 1996 or earlier Truck?
    No. The difference between the 95 and earlier Trucks is the computer for the Fuel Injection. The Supercharger is just not compatible with the other computer.

  8. Why do you want my 17 digit VIN#?
    Your VIN# will determine (in most cases) all of the information about your Toyota and also eliminate any additional questions that may need to be asked to ensure that you get the correct part the "First Time". Your 17 digit VIN# can be located in some easily found places. Your insurance card, your title or registration, or on the drivers door. What does it look like you ask? VIN INFORMATION LABEL

  9. Do you sell USED or AFTERMARKET Parts?
    No. The reason is simple. We want to be able to protect our customers. Used parts usually do not carry any warranty and after market parts and accessories would not carry a warranty as good as the Toyota Manufacturers warranty. The warranty on all Genuine Parts and Accessories is the same at any Toyota Dealership.

  10. Is there a supercharger available 89-95, 3L-V6, Trucks?
    No. TRD does not offer a supercharger for the 3.0 Liter engine.


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