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  • 15.03.2018
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Mezisida | 21.03.2018
I was there in October & you could cut the air with a knife because of the humidity...
Yogar | 28.03.2018
You dems need to look at the predators you elect before pointing your finger at others...but that will never happen.
Mauramar | 07.04.2018
Just be alone with myself? Okay.
Milrajas | 09.04.2018
Three pointer there!!
Kikora | 11.04.2018
You're welcome...but I should probably be thanking YOU for the idea! ; )
Gojind | 20.04.2018
Many people continue to back the man that was elected by the people to serve as President, we are talking about removing a President based on the interpretation of booking rules, never going to happen.
Mikasho | 22.04.2018
I will address one thing more to the atheistic viewpoint of science, which is inherently flawed. Men and women who say there is no God have pushed aside the huge body of evidence of the Creator in the world around us. They have denied the existence of spirit and soul, though the proof of it is everywhere and can be scientifically proven by any who would look and seek for it. Having made such a drastic decision in their mind's (actually their heart and soul, too), they have rejected the evidence, the proof of God, so they might live as they please. Thinking themselves to be wise, they become fools and bound in the darkness of unbelief and all their studies corrupted by a faulty worldview. The more belligerent keep seeking to oppose all things of God as if they are doing a service to mankind. They confuse religion, made by men, with the true religion of Christ, as taught by Him and His apostles. Seeing the hypocrisy of modern churches, they think this is how it always was, and their assumptions, which are embedded in the fabric of all they think, help blind them to the truth, which they are unwilling to seek.
Clown smacks his girlfriend in the ass
Clown smacks his girlfriend in the ass
Clown smacks his girlfriend in the ass

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